As a surgeon, you bring dedication, focus, skill, and creativity to the OR. But what makes you stand out among peers is your ability to make critically quick decisions that have an immediate impact on patient lives.


That agility may be missing, however, when it comes to making decisions that affect your own financial life. You often don’t have the time.


Whether you are accumulating wealth, planning for income, or distributing your assets to future generations, it comes down to one principle: preserving more of your earnings.


Having the right plan is critical. Just as important is having the right financial professional, who understands what matters to you as a surgeon. The right financial professional has the experience and knowledge to address a surgical specialist’s most complex financial challenges.


Welcome to Surgeons Capital Management.

Not a surgeon?

That is not a concern at SCM. We’ve worked with high-income executives and professionals in other industries to deliver highly customized plans offering the same attributes of tax-free accumulation, 100% liquidity, flexibility, and control that have benefited hundreds of surgeons and their families. Learn More



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