You’ve done well. And although no two surgeons are alike, you likely share three broad objectives: to minimize taxes, to reduce risk of losses, to leave a family legacy.


For high-income practices whose retirement plans have been capped by government limits, Surgeons Capital Management offers comprehensive tax-favored financial strategies. But unlike other financial advisors who focus almost exclusively on asset allocation (that is, how your assets are divided among stocks, bonds, and cash), we want to begin the discussion by determining your asset location (that is, how your assets should be arranged by tax classes).

Asset location before asset allocation

At SCM, we believe that the location of your assets from a tax standpoint is far more important to your surgical practice than how they are allocated. And before asset location can be determined, we first need to understand your long-term financial goals in three areas: wealth planning, tax-favored planning, and insurance planning.


    Investment Analysis & Implementation

    Based on your goals, SCM reviews your current holdings and recommends any potential changes that may better align assets with liabilities, and reduce risk. Our scoring methodology weighs style factors, risk/return, peer-group rankings and qualitative factors.


    Estate & Trust Funding Strategies

    SCM works to understand what you want to accomplish with your wealth, and coordinates with your legal and tax advisors to create funding vehicles for your estate and trust-planning needs.


    Retirement Plan Reviews

    SCM will seek to uncover ways that allow you to save more than your 401(k) or IRA currently allow—while complementing other investments in your portfolio.


    Assessing Financial Instruments

    Do the instruments you currently own provide tax-free income? Tax-deferred accumulation? Tax-deductible contributions? SCM can advise you on strategies that offer the potential for high liquidity, tax-free cash flow, and creditor protection in most states. Learn More. Discover how different asset classes vary in terms of how they could affect your taxes. Compare strategies.


    Life & Disability Reviews

    Life and disability income insurance covers “what if” scenarios. SCM’s deep experience with insurance planning gives you confidence that your family will be cared for in the event the unthinkable happens.


    Creditor Protection Strategies

    SCM’s strategy for surgeons works to help medical professionals accumulate a tax-free and often creditor-protected bucket of assets.

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Life Income PlanSM

Life Income Plan for Business

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan


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